Where the CST Went Terribly Wrong…

Joseph Goebbles, chief Propaganda Artist for Adolf Hitler.

Joseph Goebbles, chief Propaganda Artist for Adolf Hitler

The Casper Star Tribune is at it again.  


This entire election cycle, the Casper Star Tribune has bent over backwards to elevate and endorse liberal and progressive candidates (both Republican and Democrat), while going out of their way to make conservative candidates look bad.

However, they are now going after conservative groups, because…

“These have the potential to sway opinion, particularly if a voter gets a series of them over the course of a week,” Schilling said. “For the average person who isn’t informed on every issue, this could have a negative impact.” – Trevor Graff, staff writer, Casper Star Tribune

It seems what is OK for the goose (the Casper Star Tribune) is not OK for the gander (issue advocacy groups).

In the Casper Star Tribune’s latest attempt to discredit conservative candidates and conservative issue advocacy groups, they actually validated your efforts.

Your phone calls and e-mails to candidates who stand in the way of educational freedom, -for example, those who support Common Core-, have made an impactand they are running scared.

“Groups such as… Wyoming Freedom in Education have turned up the heat in political circles this election cycle…” – Trevor Graff, staff writer, Casper Star Tribune

Nothing is more terrifying to a candidate (and the newspaper endorsing them), than fully awake informed voters, making fully educated votes.

But let’s clear some things up, shall we?

  • Wyoming Freedom in Education sent out candidate questionnaires to all primary candidates running for Governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Legislature.
    • Wyoming Freedom in Education did not endorse any candidates based on the questionnaires.
    • The questionnaires are designed to be a tool to help our members make a fully educated vote, based on the answers given by the candidates.

The headline of the article in the Casper Star Tribune I am referring to is: “Wyoming election office says PACs missed filing deadlines”

  • Wyoming Freedom in Education is an Issue Advocacy Group.
    • Wyoming Freedom in Education
      • is NOT a Political Action Committee (PAC),
        • and cannot, will not, and has not endorsed any candidate
        • Wyoming Freedom in Edcucation has not given any money to any candidate
          •  or helped fund or contribute in anyway to the campaign of any candidate.


“Issue advocacy groups are not only filling mailboxes in Wyoming, they also largely aren’t filing reports with the Secretary of State’s Office as required by law.These groups are not required to report funding to the office unless they are spending money to accomplish their goals, but in Wyoming, none of the independent advocacy groups are reporting their funding.” – Trevor Graff, staff writer, Casper Star Tribune


  • Wyoming Freedom in Education is current with the Secretary of State’s annual corporate filing and is in Good Standing.
  • Our board of directors is transparent unlike another group named in the article, Wyoming Freedom Riders…

Why did the Casper Star Tribune lump the Wyoming Freedom Riders in with other conservative issue advocacy groups in Wyoming?

The board of directors for two groups mentioned in the article, Republic Free Choice and Wyoming Freedom in Education, are available to the public, but Wyoming Freedom Riders is not.

In fact, Google and Facebook searches come up empty when searching for Wyoming Freedom Riders.

We know that Wyoming Freedom Riders has sent out multiple mailings attacking candidates who have taken a firm stance against educational tyranny, like Common Core. *The attacks may have not been directly related to Common Core, but they were on the candidates that will fight the hardest to stop Common Core in Wyoming.

So why didn’t the Casper Star Tribune address that?

Why did the Casper Star Tribune attempt to discredit organizations that are in Good Standing with the Secretary of State’s office?

Wyoming Freedom in Education will continue to hold accountable anyone who stands in the way of your and your children’s educational freedoms.  

An article in the Casper Star Tribune spreading false accusations isn’t going to stop us from fighting for your educational freedoms.

If you have would like to join us in the fight for educational freedom and can no longer stand idle, please consider becoming a member for $35 today.

The issue we advocate is clear: education.

With your help and support Wyoming Freedom in Education has effectively put pressure on those who stand in the way of educational freedom!

In result of this loud and clear message, the Casper Star Tribune has become intimidated to the point of attempting to discredit Wyoming Freedom in Education and all of our dedicated members, evidence that Grassroots works!

They know that our members are not going to give any politician or candidate who stands in the way of educational freedom a free pass.

The education of our children, our grandchildren, our nieces and nephews is far too important, to not hold those who pose a threat to educational freedom accountable.

It is black and white, a candidate/incumbent is either for educational freedom or against it, there is no middle ground, there is no compromise.  

And until the First Amendment of the US Constitution is drastically altered, it is not illegal to report the facts

And we will continue to do just that.

You deserve to know what is happening concerning education in Wyoming, and who is behind what is happening –good and bad-.

Thank you, for your support. Thank you for making a difference with your e-mails and phone calls.

Together, we can win the fight for educational freedom in Wyoming!

For Freedom,

Michelle Sabrosky
Wyoming Freedom in Education

P.S. It is only with your continued support and contributions that we can continue to fight for educational freedom in Wyoming.

The Casper Star Tribune and many politicians and candidates in our state would like to see our ability to fight stopped.

That is why they are working so hard to discredit us. 

If you believe in what we are doing, please consider a one time or reoccurring contribution to help our efforts today. 

Remember Y-O-U are a vital part of W_oming Freed_m in Ed_cation.  

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