URGENT! SF106 $upporters Want How Much $$$$?

How much of our money do our legislators want to burn on the epic failure that is the infamous SF104?

How much of our money do our legislators want to burn on the epic failure that is the infamous SF104?


We have told you that the now infamous SF104 has a sister bill -SF106-, and it seems to barreling down the fast track…

And time is of the essence! The entire House needs to be contacted immediately! (See below for contact information)

On Wednesday, SF106 –State Education Administration or the “special-session-to-clean-up-our-mess-and-cover-our-behinds bill” passed introduction in the House and was assigned to the House Education Committee, chaired by Representative Matt Teeters.

Suddenly, yesterday afternoon while I wrote you an e-mail asking you to contact the House Education Committee and ask them to vote NO on SF106, it passed committee and was placed on the General File!

Yet, the bill digest as of 9:20 a.m. this morning did not reflect the House Education Committee vote, nor did it reflect any amendments that the House Education Committee voted to adopt.

Even more troubling is the amendment to bring the money requested for the “super committee” up to over $100,000! This is on top of the at least $25,000 a day for the duration of the special session!

This special session will cost you and me over $500,000! And is growing closer to $1 million! This is on top of the nearly $1 million already spent on SF104!

This excessive and abusive spending comes after SF104 was ruled unconstitutional by the Wyoming Supreme Court!

Your phone calls and e-mails are crucial! You can e-mail the entire House here now or by using the e-mail addresses below or you can call 307-777-7881.

We need to STOP SF106 dead in its tracks! 


Mark.Baker@wyoleg.gov; Eric.Barlow@wyoleg.gov; Rosie.Berger@wyoleg.gov; Stan.Blake@wyoleg.gov; Dave.Blevins@wyoleg.gov; Gregg.Blikre@wyoleg.gov; Kermit.Brown@wyoleg.gov; Donald.Burkhart@wyoleg.gov; James.Byrd@wyoleg.gov; Rita.Campbell@wyoleg.gov; Richard.Cannady@wyoleg.gov; Kathy.Coleman@wyoleg.gov; Cathy.Connolly@wyoleg.gov; Kathy.Davison@wyoleg.gov; John.Eklund@wyoleg.gov; Ken.Esquibel@wyoleg.gov; Lee.Filer@wyoleg.gov; John.Freeman@wyoleg.gov; Gerald.Gay@wyoleg.gov; Keith.Gingery@wyoleg.gov; Patrick.Goggles@wyoleg.gov; Mike.Greear@wyoleg.gov; Matt.Greene@wyoleg.gov; Marti.Halverson@wyoleg.gov; Steve.Harshman@wyoleg.gov; Elaine.Harvey@wyoleg.gov; Hans.Hunt@wyoleg.gov; Lynn.Hutchings@wyoleg.gov; Allen.Jaggi@wyoleg.gov; Norine.Kasperik@wyoleg.gov; Dan.Kirkbride@wyoleg.gov; Kendell.Kroeker@wyoleg.gov; Samuel.Krone@wyoleg.gov; Lloyd.Larsen@wyoleg.gov; Tom.Lockhart@wyoleg.gov; Bunky.Loucks@wyoleg.gov; Tom.Lubnau@wyoleg.gov; Mike.Madden@wyoleg.gov; Troy.Mader@wyoleg.gov; Robert.McKim@wyoleg.gov; David.Miller@wyoleg.gov; Glenn.Moniz@wyoleg.gov; Bob.Nicholas@wyoleg.gov; David.Northrup@wyoleg.gov; John.Patton@wyoleg.gov; Jerry.Paxton@wyoleg.gov; Ruth.Petroff@wyoleg.gov; Garry.Piiparinen@wyoleg.gov; Tom.Reeder@wyoleg.gov; Mark.Semlek@wyoleg.gov; Albert.Sommers@wyoleg.gov; Tim.Stubson@wyoleg.gov; Matt.Teeters@wyoleg.gov; Mary.Throne@wyoleg.gov; Tom.Walters@wyoleg.gov; Stephen.Watt@wyoleg.gov; Sue.Wilson@wyoleg.gov; Nathan.Winters@wyoleg.gov; David.Zwonitzer@wyoleg.gov; Dan.Zwonitzer@wyoleg.gov;