Park County School Board To Hold Meeting Sans Public Comment

Ray Schulte PCSD #6 Superintendent

Park County School District #6 Superintendent Ray Schulte

No matter what your thoughts on Wyoming’s schools being “Gun Free Zones” are, you won’t be able to voice them at the upcoming “Special Meeting” the Park County School Districts will be holding tomorrow, Jan 6th, 2016.

Originally we were not going to write about this meeting, since Wyoming Freedom in Education is not a gun group, but because this meeting:

-Involves at least one of the Park County School Districts
The meeting was not advertised to the public * and
-No public comment will be allowed

We felt we had no choice but to alert our members to this, regardless of their position concerning guns in schools.

*UPDATE 1/6/16 : It was brought to our attention that the Cody Enterprise claimed today, January 6th, 2016,  “The Cody Enterprise reported in its Dec. 22 issue Cody Schools Superintendent Ray Schulte announced during the regular board meeting Dec. 15 the forum would be staged Jan. 6 at the Cody Library.”  And buried at the end of a Dec. 21st article called “Valley School plans begin to take shape it says: “Learned during Superintendent Ray Schulte’s board report upcoming dates of note as follows: Monday, Jan. 4 – Professional development day will include Powell and Meeteetse school districts and will focus on Professional Learning Communities; Wednesday, Jan. 6 – a legislative meeting with Sens. Hank Coe, Sam Krone and David Northrup is scheduled at the Cody Public Library, 6-8 p.m.

Just like the “Public Comment period” concerning Common Core in 2012, the public (with the exception of any present at the school board meeting on Dec. 15th) “notified” during what most people consider Christmas break, and buried in an article that many people may not have read. You can see screenshots taken on Jan. 6th 2016 of the Dec. 15th agenda and the list of available minutes here. Please notice the Dec. 15th agenda was scheduled to be deleted, we were able to recover them, before that happened. (Dec. Minutes have not been posted yet, because they have not yet been approved)***

Back to the article…

Earlier today Wyoming Gun Owners (WYGO) sent out an e-mail that gave a run down on the “secret” meeting.


You can read WYGO’s e-mail here

“…Tomorrow (Jan 6) in Cody WY the school board is having what they call a ‘special meeting’ that includes both school board members and state legislators about…guns in schools.

This meeting is so ‘special’ – that they decided the meeting shouldn’t be advertised to the public.”

The e-mail continues, giving some background information on Park County #6’s (Cody’s) Superintendent:

“Here’s the low down…

Schulte in his capacity as superintendent of schools in Torrington Wy —-> testified against repealing gun free zones in a Wyoming Senate committee in 2012…

…It was shortly after, that the Goshen School board had enough of Schulte…

In June of 2012 the school board voted against Schulte and one board member even stated publicly that, “the superintendent wasn’t doing a good job” and “his salary was too high.”

The Torrington headline actually read, “District Superintendent Ray Schulte does not have the full support of the Goshen County School Board.”

Sadly by the following year, the folks in Cody took him in as their new school superintendent, at an even higher salary of $150,000 a year.”

The appointed Superintendent of Park County School District #6 makes $150,000 a year while the elected Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction (Jillian Balow) makes $92,000 a year.

The WYGO e-mail goes on to say:

“It should be noted that instead of inviting the public to a meeting where the only agenda is about guns, Schulte invited several neighboring district board members – Now you know why it’s called a “special meeting.”

Please contact the following Park county school board members and let them know you are on to their scheme.


Jake Fulkerson
Term Ends: 2016

Julie Snelson

Vice Chairman
Term Ends: 2016

Stefanie Bell

Term Ends: 2016

Kelly Simone
Term Ends: 2018

Ed Seymour
Term Ends: 2016

I have confirmed that the Grizzly Room at the Cody Library is reserved from 6-9pm on Jan 6. I have also confirmed that public comments will not be allowed. If you can be there please do so with a recording device and camera in hand.”

Remember, you are tax payers and regardless of your thoughts on schools being gun free zones or not, the public, the tax payers, the parents, should not be silenced concerning the safety or lack thereof when it comes to the local schools.

You need to be involved, especially if your children attend Park County schools.

Contact the school board members listed above, and let them know that the elected school board has no business silencing the public.