Legislative Action Alert: Tell the WY Senate to VOTE NO on SF24

Here we are, the 2016 Legislative (Budget) Session. The session will run from February 8th to March 4th, 2016. The good news is, so far, as of February 7th, 2016, this session does not appear to be “Educationpolooza” in the legislature.

But that doesn’t mean there are not bills that need to be stopped.

This is a 20 day session, and in order for a bill to be introduced it needs a 2/3 majority vote, all introductory votes are recorded roll call votes.

“Early Childhood Education” is once again being used as a means to gain more data, and with that data, more federal money.

SF24 needs to be stopped!

What the legislature fails to recognize is that “Early Childhood Education” does not necessarily benefit children.

In the earliest formative years, a play based education with less structure is far more beneficial.

Yet, SF24 Supplemental at-risk funding for early childhood education, addresses “pre-kindergarten children and students who are not performing at proficient levels”.

Read SF24 here

There are so many things wrong with that sentence, it is hard to know where to start.

I will start with what I hope is obvious. These are 2, 3, 4, and 5 year olds, all of whom are tiny, individual people, with individual learning styles, interests, and abilities. Individual children with individual personalities, likes and dislikes. Individual children who all beat to their own drum, and cannot be put in a box.

This “Kindergarten Readiness” is complete nonsense. But the pressure is on the states and school districts to make sure children are “college and career ready” …

It should be obvious that pre-schoolers won’t be entering college or establishing careers in the immediate future.

It all comes back to Common Core and Race to the Top, children in the public schools have become commodities, and in order to get as much money as possible, the states and school districts have to rob children of their precious childhoods, the time in their life that is supposed to form who they are.

And I haven’t even begun to address the federal push for Birth-20 data collection and the potential to adversely affect the compulsory age in Wyoming.

I need you to contact the State Senate and tell them to vote “NO” when SF24 is up for the introductory vote.

*Make sure your subject line reads: VOTE NO on SF24 Supplemental Funding for Early Childhood Education*

Jameslee.Anderson@wyoleg.gov; Paul.Barnard@wyoleg.gov; Eli.Bebout@wyoleg.gov; Brian.Boner@wyoleg.gov; Bruce.Burns@wyoleg.gov; Cale.Case@wyoleg.gov; Leland.Christensen@wyoleg.gov; Hank.Coe@wyoleg.gov; Stan.Cooper@wyoleg.gov; Bernadine.Craft@wyoleg.gov; Dan.Dockstader@wyoleg.gov; Ogden.Driskill@wyoleg.gov Fred.Emerich@wyoleg.gov; Floyd.Esquibel@wyoleg.gov; Gerald.Geis@wyoleg.gov; John.Hastert@wyoleg.gov; Larry.Hicks@wyoleg.gov; Wayne.Johnson@wyoleg.gov; Dave.Kinskey@wyoleg.gov; Bill.Landen@wyoleg.gov; Curt.Meier@wyoleg.gov; Phil.Nicholas@wyoleg.gov; Stephan.Pappas@wyoleg.gov; Drew.Perkins@wyoleg.gov; Ray.Peterson@wyoleg.gov; Tony.Ross@wyoleg.gov; Chris.Rothfuss@wyoleg.gov; Charles.Scott@wyoleg.gov; Michael.VonFlatern@wyoleg.gov; Jeff.Wasserburger@wyoleg.gov

Let these senators know that preschoolers should learn through play, and should not be commodities. Remind them that it is a Marxist ideal to keep children in school and away from their parents. And that the parts of this bill offering funding for summer school for preschoolers sounds like something out of the Communist Manifesto.

“The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.” —  –WY State Senate Karl Marx.

Make sure you send your e-mails tonight, or first thing in the morning on Monday, February 8th.

You can and should keep up with the 2016 Legislative session, and here are some links to help you do that. We want you to be informed.

All the bills can be found here (Bills that begin with HB are House Bills and those that begin with SF are Senate Files)
Listen to the House online here
Listen to the Senate online
The Tentative Schedule can be found here
The Committee Calendar (frequently changes)
Daily Calendar for each House
Don’t know who your House Rep. is? Find out here
Don’t know who your state senator is? Find out here
Contact all members of the both houses here

Remember to contact the entire Senate and tell them to vote NO on SF24.

Children are far too precious to be treated as commodities that all fit in the same box. Some children are not ready for things as soon as other children are, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Children are individuals who are capable of learning, they just need to be given the opportunity and allowed the time needed until they are ready.

Make sure you send your e-mail with the subject line: “VOTE NO on SF24 Supplemental Funding for Early Childhood Education” by tomorrow morning (Monday, February 8th, 2016) to make sure SF 24 fails the introductory vote.

We don’t fight because it is easy, we fight because it is right!

For Freedom,