Is There a Conflict of Interest in the Special Investigative Committee?

You may have seen the most recent article in the Casper Star Tribune “Legislature draft report finds grounds to impeach schools chief Cindy Hill“, and maybe you are wondering who the Select Investigative Committee is. Below  is a list of the committee members and how they voted on 2013’s  unconstitutional SF104 -Education State Administration that stripped the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction of her duties, as well as how those same people voted on 2014’s HB168- Stop Common Core Initiatives in Wyoming. 


 Only 3 of the 16 members of the Select Investigative Committee voted NO on SF104. and of the 13 that voted YES on SF104, 5 were co-sponsors (of SF104).. And yet these are the people investigating the Superintendent of Public Instruction, to determine if she has committed an impeachable offense.  

You decide: Is this a conflict of interest? Can an unbiased majority ruling come from this committee? 

If you would like to call into question the validity and motives of this committee, you can contact them by copying and pasting these addresses into your e-mail.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

**Kathy Davison and Tom Lubnau are retiring this year and not running for reelection

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