House Education Committee to Meet Monday 1/19/15

The House Education Committee will be discussing three bills (HB11, HB23, and HB73) during their meeting on Monday, January 19th, 2015.

The House Education Committee will be meeting upon the adjournment of the daily session in room H-10 of the Capitol.


Below is a brief synopsis of each bill as well as Wyoming Freedom in Education’s (WFE) position.

House Education Committee Chairman John Patton  Home - (307) 672-2776 Cell - (307) 752-0496

House Education Committee Chairman John Patton
Home – (307) 672-2776
Cell – (307) 752-0496

If you e-mail the members of the House Education Committee, please be sure to include how you would like them to vote, and the bill number in the subject line, for example: “Vote NO on HB0073”. 

The reason for this is that many times our legislators do not have time to open and read every e-mail, this assures that they can see how you would like them to vote.


**It has been brought to our attention that the e-mail server for the legislators’ e-mails was not working this weekend. **

I checked out the “Online Hotline” –Where you send one e-mail to every legislator at one time- and it seems to be working. 

You can use the “Online Hotline” Here. (Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page the link takes you to in order to get to the e-mail form”)

If you would like to try and e-mail the House Education Committee using their legislator e-mail addresses, here are their e-mail addresses:,,,,,;,,,


HB0011Distance Education Task Force;  WFE OPPOSED.
This bill establishes a task force of unelected people appointed by the department of education for the purpose of studying distant education for the recalibration of grant money, establishing a task force, duties reporting, appropriations and an effective date to begin.   

These people would not be accountable to the stakeholders.

The task force would also neglect to include any parents. Parental input should not be excluded.

The free market should get to determine where money is allocated according to student enrollment and what the school is offering its students and potential students.   This is a waste of taxpayer money.

HB0073 – Development of Education Standards; WFE OPPOSED

Changes the standards review process from every 5 years to every 10 years. This means if Common Core (and potentially Next Generation Science Standards) are not dealt with legislatively, the amount of time before those standards are reviewed would be doubled. *Currently the State Board of Education would have to review the Common Core Standards in 2017, should this bill pass (and legislation to stop Common Core continue to fail, despite the Republican platform against Common Core) the Common Core Standards would not be up for review until 2022*

This would mean that a child could spend the overwhelming majority of their school years under standards that have yet to yield positive results.

HB0023Next generation science standards; WFE OPPOSED.

This bill allows for the adoption of the Science Standards equivalent of Common Core. 

It takes away authority over curriculum choices from local school boards (as any curriculum considered would have to be aligned to the NGSS). 

It will also teach global warming as fact not theory and against fossil fuels.   Coal is Wyoming’s bread and butter.


WFE will continue to update you on all things education related during this legislative session.

You deserve to know what those representing you are up to.

You deserve to have every opportunity to have your voice heard.


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