HB221- “Education- Parental Rights” it’s Your Bill!


Rep. Tyler Lindholm House District 01 Tyler.Lindholm@wyoleg.gov

*Update 1/30/15: HB221 Education-Parental Rights has been assigned to the House Education Committee. Please contact members of the House Education Committee and ask them to vote YES on HB221. Their e-mails are at the end of this article*

We have been told Wyoming’s current homeschool law is “good enough”.
But the stories from our members have painted a much different picture.

And it’s not just homeschoolers who have been facing problems with their local schools and school districts.

You may remember the Wheatland “truancy” prosecutions… when children who missed “too many” days of school due to illness, were prosecuted for truancy.

The list of our members’ concerns from inside and outside of the public school system has been heartbreaking to say the least.

And Rep. Tyler Lindholm, understands that.

Rep. Lindholm has a bill, HB221 Education- Parental Rights, that addresses many of the concerns we have been hearing from our members over the past 2 years.

Wyoming Freedom in Education will be following this bill very closely.

Sign the Petition to have HB221 heard and voted on in committee here

This is your bill.

This bill was written with you, your concerns, and your situations in mind.

  • This bill changes the definitions of “Unexcused Absences” from being determined by the Board of Trustees to any absence not consented to by the parent (or guardian).  
  • This bill prohibits schools and districts from withholding or destroying any of your child’s records without your permission
  • This bill eliminates the requirement for homeschoolers to report to their local school districts each year.
    • This was in response to many districts viewing the “Curriculum Submission form/Letter of Intent” as a request, and actually setting time aside during the first school board meeting of each school year to “approve” these “requests”
    • Homeschooling is a fundamental right, and parents should not have to request permission to educate their children in the way they feel is best.
  • This bill also clears up some “muddy water” and “shades of grey”. –Things that parents and school districts may interpret differently.

We encourage you to read this bill, and tell your legislators to support it.

Parents should always have the first and final say when it comes to their children’s education, no matter their educational choices.

HB221 Education- Parental Rights is your bill.

This bill was written with you in mind.

Please take the time to thank Rep. Tyler.Lindholm@wyoleg.gov for standing up for educational freedom.

All members of the 63rd Legislature can be contacted here.

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The House Education Committee:
john.patton@wyoleg.gov, John.Freeman@wyoleg.gov, David.Northrup@wyoleg.gov, Jerry.Paxton@wyoleg.gov,   Mary.Throne@wyoleg.gov, Albert.Sommers@wyoleg.gov,  hans.hunt@wyoleg.gov,

Those we believe are with already with us on HB221 are:

Allen.Jaggi@wyoleg.gov, Garry.Piiparinen@wyoleg.gov

Sign the Petition to have HB221 heard and voted on in committee here