Grassroots Stops NCSD Bond!

You may have been told that grassroots activism is not effective, but yesterday, grassroots took on the “big boys” and killed the $33 million bond request for Natrona County schools.

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The Political Action Committee (PAC) “Citizens for Strong Natrona County Schools”, raised over $38,000 to promote this special election. They sent out various sizes of mailers to every household in Natrona County, had various sized signs in the yards of homes and business throughout the Casper area, had several radio ads, and even enjoyed publicity from the Casper Star Tribune.

Grassroots efforts had social media, and a really informative flier that was handed out (not mailed).

And yet, though this election was close -378 votes out of 9,613 total – grassroots made the difference.

Grassroots shared the e-mails and Facebook posts from various freedom oriented groups. Your facebook shares, forwarded e-mails and talking with people around town, stopped this bond.

But they will still find a way to get what they want. The $16 million for swimming pools, the $4.8 million for security upgrades, the new planetarium, they will get these things, but they now know that they can’t get them by asking the voters.

Grassroots had a big win in Natrona County on May 6th, but it is the children who are the big winners. We to need to be vigilant, and aware of further attempts to use the children to further an agenda.

Be encouraged that with only the cost of printing a few hundred fliers (not one for every household in Natrona County, like “Citizens for Strong Natrona Schools”) grassroots made the difference in an election designed specifically for a low voter turnout.  

No matter what district you live in, make sure you attend school board meetings, and let us know when it seems like your district’s Board of Trustees are up to something.

The fight is not over, grassroots won this battle, but there is still a war waging. Keep fighting the good fight! Together we will keep freedom in education.