Freedom and Education

Freedom and education, we can’t have one without the other.

That is why I got into this fight.

I couldn’t sit by and risk my children’s freedoms being stolen by way of an unilateral take over of education in Wyoming -in America.

As if the full frontal assault known as Common Core, its initiatives, agendas, and strings attached to it were not enough of a reason to fight, the joint education committee, under the leadership of Rep. Matt Teeters, brought in reinforcements: the Consulting Firm of Cross & Joftus.

Cross & Joftus is among those who are leading the charge to force the Common Core initiatives down the throats of American children.

And not only did Rep. Teeters let them in, you and I are paying for it.

But you can help us stop them.

Your contributions are a vital part of our fight for educational freedom.

Rep. Teeters thought he could pull the wool over our eyes. After all, historically it has worked before…

Tyranny arose in this nation well over 240 years ago, and like today, it crept in until a breaking point had been reached.

That breaking point was when people like you and me rose up and said “ENOUGH!

The American Revolution could have never been won without the grassroots of the time: Patriotspeople like you and I, farmers, blacksmiths, cobblers, shop keepers, and the families they left behind, not knowing if they would ever see them again.

"Molly Pitcher"

“Molly Pitcher” known for bringing water to the battle weary soldiers on the battle field near her home during the revolutionary war. “Molly Pitcher”, also took over her husbands task of loading cannons, when he died in the war.

You can assist Wyoming Freedom in Education on the battle front by contributing today. 


Those  Patriots risked everything, sacrificed nearly everything, and laid everything on the line to join the fight against a corrupt government.

They fought to build a free country for their children, grand children, and great grandchildren, and all future generations to grow up in…if they could manage to keep it.

The legacy they left came at great personal sacrificeone which I’m sure they don’t regret.

Those future generations dropped the ball, and here we sit today.

And sadly, over the past few years, we have seen that Wyoming is not a safe haven, and is not immune to a corrupted government.

There are many freedoms being encroached upon, in many different areas, and they are using the education of the most impressionable minds to accomplish this.

This is being done in many subtle ways, the most unsubtle being Common Core.

I want you to be apart of our army, an army made up of Wyoming citizenry. 

I don’t need you to take up arms, and kiss your family good-bye, but I do need you to donate today, to help Wyoming Freedom in Education continue to fight on the front lines.

Like “Molly Pitcher” bringing water and aide to those serving in the American Revolution, so you are when you make a financial contribution to Wyoming Freedom in Education.

The American Revolution would have had an entirely different outcome had the grassroots not joined in the fight.

Our generation has been fortunate to inherit a rich heritage of patriotism which is built upon the principle of personal sacrifice and volunteerism.

The future is ours to shape. What legacy will be left to future generations?  

Your donations are crucial in our fight against educational tyranny.

I got into the fight for educational freedom because I want my children and  future grandchildren, and their future generations to enjoy the freedoms that my ancestors fought for in the Revolutionary war.

Freedom isn’t free, and that is why I need your help. 

From office supplies to mailings, from website costs to operational expenses, the costs add up.

Will you join our fight today?  To get us through the election season and into the legislative season, we need $5,000 before the August 19th primary. 

I understand that not everybody is in a position to give $5,000, if you are not able to do so, please consider donating the money you have allocated to your entertainment fund for the month of August.

I realize that asking you to give up some dinners and movies seems like a lot, but let me ask you: What are your children’s, your grandchildren’s freedoms are worth to you?

My ancestors gave all they had, and then they kissed their families good-bye, expecting that they would never see them again, leaving their wives with nearly nothing to keep their children fed.

To my ancestors, that sacrifice was worth it, because the cost of not joining the fight was much greater than the sacrifice it took to fight.

Our children are being used as pawns in a real life game of ‘Risk’

We cannot sit by and allow this to continue. We cannot allow our children to be indoctrinated with the one tool that should keep them free: Education.

Like I said, Freedom and Education go hand in hand, we can’t have one without the other.

When true education is lacking, freedom begins to die, and as freedom dies, complacency thrives, and when complacency thrives the desire to be educated dies.

We must fight for educational freedom.

You are a vital part of Wyoming Freedom in Education, and we want to continue to fight for the freedom all the children of Wyoming, regardless of the educational choices their parents have made (i.e, public, private, home school, online schools, etc…)

If you feel this is a fight worth fighting for, you can donate online here or you can mail a donation to:

Wyoming Freedom in Education * P.O. Box 52026 * Casper, WY 82605


Thank you for your response to our calls to action, your signature on our petition to Stop Common Core in Wyoming, and for sharing our e-mails and articles with your family and friends, keeping them abreast of educational issues plaguing Wyoming.

I look forward to continue fighting the battle for educational freedom with you at my side.


P.S. Rep. Matt Teeters tried to pull a fast one.

He hoped that we wouldn’t notice that he brought in the consulting firm of Cross & Joftus to not only escalate the implementation of Common Core, but to “recommend that Wyoming moves forward with changing the Superintendent of Public Instruction from an elected official to an appointed one.

Rep. Teeters does not think the Superintendent of Public instruction should be accountable to the people of Wyoming! 

In order to win this fight, we need resources. You can donate online here at anytime, or send your donation to:

Wyoming Freedom in Education * P.O. Box 52026 * Casper, WY 82605
You can read more about  the progressive connections of the consulting firm of Cross & Joftus  here and here.

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