Wyoming: Where Everything Old is New Again

If I were to ask you what happened on December 7th, 1941,  without hesitation you would answer “Pearl Harbor was bombed”.  If I were to ask you by who, again, without hesitation you would answer “The Japanese”.  If I were to ask you what happened on February 14th, 1942 would you be able to answer without the assistance of Google?

Top Photo by Bill Manbo

These Japanese-American children stare out into the world outside the barbed wire fences that were keeping them contained inside the internment camp (Heart Mountain, WY, USA) that they were sent to during World War II, per Executive Order 9066 signed by FDR.


On February 14th, 1942 Executive Order 9066 was signed by President Franklin Roosevelt, an order that called for more than 100,000 Japanese-Americans to be detained and placed into internment camps around the United States, for at least 3 years. Heart Mountain, Wyoming was one of those locations.



 noun ˌprä-pə-ˈgan-də, ˌprō-

: ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.



The Wyoming Department of Education also feels that they need to convince you that what really is bad, is actually good, just like the federal government needed to make propaganda videos to justify imprisoning the Japanese on US soil, including Heart Mountain, Wyoming.

On September 27th, 2013 the Wyoming Department of Education posted the following video on YouTube, in an attempt to convince the people of Wyoming that Common Core is good. Historically, if the government has to sell you on something, it probably isn’t anything you want.


Don’t buy the lie, don’t be fooled. Wyoming’s own history is dark…

The federal government at first sought sites for humane, open-gated resettlement communities in the Mountain states, but Gov. Nels Smith of Wyoming predicted there would be “Japs hanging from every pine tree” should the evacuees be permitted to live in his state under such permissive conditions. The federal government, therefore, agreed to the conditions that Smith and his fellow western governors demanded: incarceration in “concentration camps” with guard towers and barbed wire.  – Heart Mountain – Adapting Behind Barbed Wire

And now, the Wyoming State Government wants you to believe that Common Core and all that comes with it, is the right thing for your children. The first video in this post made internment camps look pleasant, like up-rooting families and forcing them to live behind barbed wire fences, with armed guards watching them at all times, was a wonderful experience. The second video was made to convince you that the Common Core standards are better for everyone, but if that were true, why would they feel the need to make the video in the first place? History repeats itself, only this time the Wyoming Department of Education is bringing intellectual internment camps to every classroom in the state, and have made a video to tell you how pleasant it is. 


How can you stop the federal government’s educational take-over in Wyoming?

You can:
1. Sign our Petition
2. Contact your legislator in the House of Representatives
3. Contact your State Senator
4. If you live in or will be in the Cheyenne area on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013, there will be a State School Board Meeting at 10:00 a.m. in the Hathaway Building. Common Core will be a topic of discussion.


Here is a longer propaganda video about the internment camps in the United States during WWII:


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