Et tu, Hans Hunt?

Have Hans Hunt's principles been compromised?

Have Hans Hunt’s principles been compromised?

After a whirlwind two weeks, most of the bills we have been watching died on Friday, but there are still two bills that we are staunchly opposed to, and one that we feel we can support, only because it is a “no brainer”.

SF12 “State education” is posing as an anti-Common Core bill, but it is coming from people who have been Common Core cheerleaders.

The same people who have mocked you and I when we have shared our concerns with them.

The same people who have continually parroted the same scripted Common Core rhetoric, that has come right out of the President Obama appointed. US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan’s office.

Once voted on in the senate, this bill was assigned to the House Education Committee, where only Representative Piiparinen for stood on principle and voted for education freedom. It is times his colleagues on the House Education Committee took his lead.

Representative Hunt, surprised us on this one, it is very concerning that that he voted in favor of this Trojan Horse. We must question why he voted the way he did, have his principles been compromised? Contact Representative Hunt and let him know that you are not happy with his vote:


Read SF12 here.

Contact your House Representative and ask him/her to vote NO on SF12


SF106 “State education administration” is the “special session” bill and is “An act relating to public education; providing for a process to address a 2014 Supreme Court decision relating to the structure and oversight of the state’s public school system; requiring a legislative study; providing for the delegation of powers and duties relating to the administration of the state’s school system; providing an appropriation; and providing for an effective date”
Long story short, they want to waste even more of our money ($20,000), trying to figure their way out of the mess they created with SF104, which was recently ruled unconstitutional by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Be sure to tell your legislators ENOUGH AREADY, and to let it go.  They blew it with SF104, and they only continue to dig their hole deeper. Unconstitutional is unconstitutional, period. 

Read SF106 here

Time is of the essence. Contact your House Representative and tell them to vote NO on SF12 -State education program and SF106 -State education administration. 

We are also watching HB173 “Schools-administration of epinephrine”. We believe this bill is a no brainer, and support schools   administering an epipen should a child need one. 

HB173 is currently in the Senate Labor, Health and Social Services Committee.  Please contact Senators: Charles ScottJames Lee AndersonBernadine Craft,  Leslie Nutting and R. Ray Peterson and ask them to vote yes on this potentially life-saving bill.,



Your phone calls and e-mails stopped two very bad bills the first week of this legislative session, keep up the hard work and keep on fighting.


For Freedom,