Educational Issues Do Not Take Summer Vacations

The hardest thing I have to do as President of Wyoming Freedom in Education, isn’t battling the legislators who stand in the way of the good legislation WFE backs, it isn’t speaking to large crowds at events, it isn’t the hours and hours and hours of research, it isn’t writing an article that puts that research into a condensed and easy to follow article…

The hardest thing I have to do as President of Wyoming Freedom in Education is asking you for money.

I hear it from my friends and family all the time “I sent [fill-in-the-blank] money once and they keep sending e-mails and snail mail asking me for more money.” Or “[Fill-in-the-blank] is constantly asking for money”.

I also see it, literally, in unsubscribes, and a drop in facebook likes, every time I have to ask for money.

Wyoming Freedom in Education has more unsubscribes and people un-liking our fan page after we send out a hard ask e-mail/article, than any other e-mails/articles we write.

Wyoming Freedom in Education is a nonprofit organization, and can only be effective with the donations of our members.

**If you have recently donated to Wyoming Freedom in Education, I would like to thank you for your generous donation, and please know that it is not our intention to “harass” you for even more money. We do not have a way at this time to remove the e-mail addresses of recent donors from specific mailings.**

Wyoming Freedom in Education has backed great pieces of legislation, like 2014’s “HB168: Stop Common Core Initiatives in Wyoming” and 2015’s “HB221: Education: Parental Rights”.

We have fought for and raised money to support families facing educational injustice, like the Cain family in Wheatland, whose 9 year old son was placed on criminal probation for truancy in 2013 when he missed “too many” days of school due to illness.

Like any business there are monthly expenses, but unlike a for profit business, we have to rely on your donations to cover those expenses.

Without your donations, Wyoming Freedom in Education simply cannot continue fighting for educational freedom and educational parental rights.

Your donations of $250, $100, $75, $50, $25, $10, and yes even $5 make all the difference.  If every single member donated even $10, we could do even more during the legislative season to hold our legislators’ feet to the fire when they try to trample your educational freedoms and parental rights.

Freedom isn’t free, and neither is fighting for it.

If you support and appreciate what Wyoming Freedom in Education is doing, please consider donating today. You can make your donation here or by mailing it to: Wyoming Freedom in Education * P.O. Box 52026 * Casper, WY 82605.

Since 2013 Wyoming Freedom in Education has been fighting for you, bringing attention to the disaster that is Common Core, corruption in the Wyoming Department of Education, unjust truancy charges, district discrimination toward homeschoolers, and the list goes on and on.

We hope to one day be able to offer scholarships to students who overcome various obstacles in order to graduate high school, but we can only do that with your help.

We want to encourage students who understand the value of education and are not afraid to self-educate.  Students like those at Roosevelt High School in Casper, some of whom not only graduate despite all odds, but graduate a year early.

Students who may not have an ideal GPA for other scholarships, but have overcome so many things from drug addiction, to bouncing around the foster care system.  Students who were determined not to let circumstances dictate the direction their lives take. Students who made mistakes, and learned from them.

I realize this a dream that may not be fulfilled for a few more years, but it is a goal WFE wants to build towards.

No Vacation TimeI realize the summer is a busy time for most families with many additional expenses, family vacations, county fairs, Cheyenne Frontier Days, and various activities like swimming, sports, and boating/camping trips.

But unfortunately the encroachment of your rights and freedoms doesn’t take summer vacations.

The Wyoming Department of Education doesn’t take a break during the summer, the Joint Education Committee doesn’t take a break during the summer, the State Board of Education and local school boards do not take a break during the summer. Your school district central office does not take a break during the summer.

And sadly, many of the decisions made by these various departments and boards do not just affect children in the public schools, they can affect homeschoolers –by trying to force homeschoolers to submit their paperwork in July, instead by the first week of school, as the state law insinuates-, and of course these decisions affect you as a tax payer.

Wyoming Freedom in Education has boots on the ground and wants to continue fighting for you, but I need your help.

Will you donate what you can today?

You can make a donation online here or you can mail your donation to:

Wyoming Freedom in Education

P.O. Box 52026

Casper, WY 82605