The Documents Gov. Mead Doesn’t Want You to See

Wyoming Freedom in Education recently obtained some documents that show Governor Matt Mead and Former Arizona senator turned Wyoming Department of Education’s (WDE) unconstitutionally appointed [newly former] Director, Richard Crandall’s full intention to get Wyoming even more deeply entwined with Common Core initiatives.

Watch then, Arizona State Senator, Richard Crandall lobby for Common Core in Oklahoma.

Though his resignation with the State of Arizona was officially August 31, 2013, it seems that for his first two weeks employed at the WDE, Crandall, was still an Arizona State Senator.

Crandall extended his resignation as Arizona senator in order to “maintain health care for his children with pre-existing conditions”.  Yet, Crandall is still the current Vice President and CFO of Crandall Corporate Dietitians, a company that provides health care –including dental and vision- to its full time employees.

But the conflicting dates of employment aren’t even the big story here, it is what the documents disclose that is alarming.

As soon as the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Cindy Hill was stripped of her duties in early 2013, the WDE went to work to make sure that Wyoming is overly entrenched with Common Core, and all of its requirements.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead wants you to give up your educational freedoms.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead wants you to give up your educational freedoms.

Governor Mead, and former director of the WDE Richard Crandall, worked together to make it even more difficult for Wyoming to escape the clutches of the Common Core Standards and all that came with it.

The “Improving Student Learning at Scale” grant has been made available to states that have adopted the Common Core Standards, but did not receive the Race to the Top Grant.

Despite applying for the Race to the Top grant twice, Wyoming didn’t get it. But, Wyoming does apparently meet the criteria needed to get the “Improving Student Learning at Scale” grant.

Normally, I would tell you to contact Governor Mead today and tell him to stop prostituting our children’s education, but it is clear to anyone who has contacted him regarding Common Core that he simply doesn’t care about what you or I think.


Below is correspondence between the WDE, the National Governors Association (NGA) Center for Best Practices, Matt Mead, and Sen. Hank Coe that will shed more light on what the “Improving Student Learning at Scale” grant is, and what it requires.

We are only showing the tip of the bureaucratic iceberg today, there will be MUCH more to come, be sure to watch for our e-mails. If you are not yet on our e-mail list, you can be added when you sign the petition to stop Common Core in Wyoming and/or make a donation.

Click here to read an August 15, 2013 letter from Dianne Bailey, the WDE Finance & Data Division Administrator to Kate Neilson of the Common Core “Co-Author” NGA Center for Best Practices giving Richard Crandall’s WDE contact information. This letter is in regards to the Improving Student Learning at Scale grant.

Click here to read Interim Director of the WDE Jim Rose’s letter to Richard Crandall, dated August 16, 2013, expressing excitement about the “Improving Student Learning at Scale” grant application, and –at the time- Wyoming’s recent “promotion” to Governing state of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, one of two testing consortia that a state had to become a member of in order to qualify for the Race to the Top grant. Adopting the Common Core Standards, was also a qualification to apply for the Race to the Top grant.

Click here to read the August 20, 2013 letter from Richard Crandall to Kate Nielson of the Common Core “co-author” NGA Center for Best Practices regarding the “Improving Student Learning at Scale” grant application.

The letter states that Crandall knows that “we have the support of the Governor, State Board of Education, legislative leadership, business community and all of our local districts to move forward with our CCSS implementation.”

Click here to read Sen. Hank Coe’s letter to Richard Crandall in which he expresses his support of the “Improving Student Learning at Scale” grant.

In the letter Sen. Coe says that he

“led the effort to reform our Department of Education so that we can provide a greater focus on accountability, achievement, and overall success.”

Is that what he is calling SF104 these days?

Click here to read Gov. Mead’s letter to Kate Nielson, Policy Analyst for the National Governors Association (Center for Best Practices) begging her to accept Wyoming’s application for the “Improving Student Learning at Scale” grant.

In the letter Mead boasts,

“The timing of this grant comes at an ideal time for the State of Wyoming, We have adopted the common core standards, and the standards enjoy support in our school districts.  At the same time, our districts are eager for training in research based strategies that will allow them to deploy appropriate instructional plans connected to the new standards.”

But, hasn’t the Governor, most of the legislature, the State Board of Education, the local school boards, and the WDE all said “It is up to each teacher as to how they teach to the standards.”?

Under Governor Matt Mead and the current legislative leadership’s coercion and influence the Wyoming Department of Education has been hard at work chipping away at your educational freedoms.

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