Educational Issues in Wyoming

Yet again! Another School District is asking for addition information beyond what the state statutes clearly explain is to be reported in the annual curriculum submissions. State Statute 21-4-101(a) section (vi) “Basic academic educational program” is one that provides a sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, civics, […]

Erroneous Data-Mining Strikes again in Bighorn County!

Many homeschool families across the state are receiving annual curriculum report letters containing forms from their local school districts. Many districts across Wyoming have resorted to asking questions beyond what is legally required of homeschool families. For example, Park County #1 is requesting addition data in regards to your curriculum […]

Beware of Data-Mining on Erroneous Annual Curriculum Report

Freedom and Education, you can’t have one without the other. And that is exactly why Wyoming Freedom in Education exists. In Wyoming, we still have the freedom to choose which educational experience we want our children to have. But what are those choices, and how as parents can we decide […]

You Have Educational Choices – Here are the Pros and ...