Call to ACTION: Educational Parental Rights Under Siege

Common Core State Standards. Next Generation Science Standards. Invasive High Stakes Standardized Testing. The public education system is under a full scale attack fueled by enticements and candy-coated promises –and the strings attached to them.

But the public schools are not alone. Your last option for true educational freedom is also under attack, which is why during the 2015 Legislative session, Wyoming Freedom in Education proudly backed HB221 – Education: Parental Rights.

Each year homeschoolers are targeted for a data mining hoax perpetuated by their school districts. School districts have been using intimidation tactics to get homeschoolers to provide information NOT required by the law.

Read about these factitious attempts here


Should it have passed HB221 would have put an end to the erroneous attempts by the school districts to mine data from homeschoolers. Sadly, HB221 was never heard in committee, it was instead –despite your e-mails and phone calls– ‘stuffed in a drawer’ until time ran out.

Your educational freedoms, your inalienable right as a parent to make the decisions that are best for each of your children is being threatened, no matter the educational choices you make. If you have not yet signed our petition for parental rights in education, please do so today.

You can sign the petition here


Wyoming Freedom in Education cannot fight for your educational parental rights alone, fighting for educational freedom and parental rights not only takes your generous donations; the fight also takes your participation.

The current call to action applies to everyone, not just homeschoolers. Homeschoolers have been standing up for and fighting for public school parent’s rights, and have been fighting alongside public school parents in the fight to stop Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and the invasive high stakes testing.

That is why it is vital that Public school parents offer homeschoolers the same support.

Homeschoolers, it is of the utmost importance that you DO NOT complete the packets sent you by your school district. A Letter of Intent/Curriculum Submission form is the only form you need to turn in, unless it is your first year homeschooling children previously enrolled in public school. If that is the case you will need to fill out a Letter of Withdrawal.

Click here for a Printable Letter of Intent/Curriculum Submission form

Click here for a printable Letter of Withdrawal

Click here for our Homeschooling Resource Page

Homeschoolers, Public School parents/grandparents, and community members need to show up to the August Board of Trustee Meetings for your school district, and voice your concerns over the invasive packets sent to homeschoolers that ask for information NOT required by the law.

Some school districts like Park County #1 give homeschoolers a deadline that is weeks before the first day of school to turn in their Curriculum Submission forms, and claim that the Board of Trustees needs to “approve” the curriculum. The law DOES NOT say a Board of Trustees has the authority to approve or not approve a homeschool curriculum.

Read the WY Homeschool Law here

Public school parents, right now you have the option to homeschool if you choose, but if you do not support homeschoolers in fighting for their rights, how much longer will that right be available to you?

We need to fight together. Each of us makes the decisions we feel is best for our children, and right now the local school districts, the state, and the federal government are threatening that, for example: refusing to “allow” public school parents to opt their children out of standardized testing, and take a family vacation without being threatened with educational neglect. –Both issues that HB221 would have corrected.

We have got to work together because all of our educational rights are under siege.

Homeschool Parents need to fight for the educational parental rights of the public school parents, because one day they my find themselves utilizing the public schools at some point.

Public school parents and private school parents need to fight for the educational parental rights of homeschoolers, because circumstance in their lives may lead to them making the decision to educated their children in their home, (or another location outside of  public or private school walls).

Our rights are only rights so long as we are willing to fight for them. Your right to make the best possible educational decisions for your children, no matter where your children are getting their education, is threatened, and is definitely worth fighting for.

And Wyoming Freedom in Education wants to help you fight to protect and strengthen your educational parental rights.

Wyoming Freedom in Education is a non-profit issue advocacy group, and can only continue being effective through your generous donations. Bringing attention to the issues that affect your educational freedoms, and getting calls to action out to our members, as well as day to day operations all cost money.

If you haven’t already, please be sure to sign the Parental Rights in Education petition.  And don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends.

Donations can be made online here or mailed to Wyoming Freedom in Education * P.O. Box 52026 * Casper, WY 82605