Beware of Data-Mining on Erroneous Annual Curriculum Report

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Many homeschool families across the state are receiving annual curriculum report letters containing forms from their local school districts.

Many districts across Wyoming have resorted to asking questions beyond what is legally required of homeschool families. For example, Park County #1 is requesting addition data in regards to your curriculum was phrased as “To assist you in preparing the Home based Education Report Form… identify the program you plan to use (i.e., Program A, Program B, or Program C)”

Program A: Correspondence or Satellite Schools, Program B: Curriculum supplied by a single publisher or supplier, Program C: Individually complied or prepared curricula.  What they are not telling you is they would really like you to assist them by voluntarily giving them data that could possibly translate in to dollars for the school district!

View the Wyoming Homeschool Statutes here

You can view a sample Letter of Intent/Curriculum Submission and print it as a reference here.  

The Park County #1 forms then goes on to ask families to elaborate in further detail their plans for the school year! No where in state law does it mandate you detail your plans, no where does it state you are to categorize the type of curriculum you are using. The school districts have no right to approve or disapprove of your curriculum either. Yet they are informing parents that they have to “review” their curriculum for approval. In result they will often send letters to families letting them know their curriculum was approved.

Homeschool families are only required to submit the curriculum they plan to use for the year for each of the required subjects, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Civics, History, Literature, & Science. If a family would like the use the Bible for example for each and every subject, the district has no legal right to disapprove of that choice of curriculum.

You can view a sample Letter of Intent/Curriculum Submission and print it as a reference here.  

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On our WFE Facebook page we recently shared a guide entitled Wyoming Homeschool Laws as of the 2015 – 2016 School Year : The Break Down : Understand the Law Please refer to that in understanding what you are and are not required to legally share with your local school district. One thing we have learned about Common Core as the details emerge, is that Data = $ Dollars $.

Below is the letter that was sent out the families in Powell, WY (Park Co #1 ) asking for additional data beyond listing yearly curriculum choices. They have set a deadline of August 5th to submit these forms! This letter not only gives family’s a matter of weeks between receipt of it and the due date, but also imposes a screening process of these reports of a family’s choice of curriculum as I mentioned above. No where in state law does it give school districts the right to Approve or Disapprove!

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If you live in Powell, WY  I urge you to consider attending the Board of Trustees of Park Co #1 meeting on August 11, 2015 and letting the district know that not only were the letters not sent out in appropriate timing, but the fact that public school parents have all the way till the first week of school to turn in their forms and documentation. The tight deadlines imposed upon families have made some parents feel discriminated against & penalized for choosing to educate their children at home.

Park County is not alone in imposing due dates and mining for additional data, other districts in Wyoming are also starting to request more data as well. No matter what county you live in, you are not required to fill out the “packets” or additional data requested! No matter how much “help” a district says you are doing for them or yourself, there is always strings, or money to be made. They only have their best interest in mind, not your family’s.
Park co 1 forms 2015 A

Here is an example of the forms that Park Co #1 has requested to be filled out and sent back. Please take note on the areas that have been highlighted and crossed out for your reference.
Park co 1 forms 2015 b1 edited

park co 1 form b2 edited

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Compare those erroneous forms to our sample Letter of Intent/Curriculum Submission form, which is similar to HSLDA’s sample. You can view that and print it as a reference here.  

Know the law! View the Wyoming Homeschool Statutes here

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