About Michelle Sabrosky

“Freedom and Education, we can’t have one without the other” –Michelle Sabrosky

Michelle Sabrosky currently resides in Casper, WY with her husband, Dan, and the four youngest of their six beautiful children.  She started her journey in homeschooling her four youngest children in 2009, and has seen firsthand how diverse each learning style is for each individual child.

Michelle got involved in the civic arena in 2013 to defend her ability to homeschool her children without governmental intrusion.  As she educated herself on the issue of Nationalizing Curriculum by studying Common Core State Standards she engaged legislators and encouraged other parents in the effort to keep education under local school board and parental control. 

Michelle is co-founder of  a social media page called Stop Common Core in Wyoming as well as founder of a non-profit organization called Wyoming Freedom in Education, in order to protect families facing the ever encroachment of the government in educational freedom. 

During the 2010 election season, Michelle began to wake up to the fact that politicians in Wyoming really weren’t who they claimed to be.   In 2012 she became even more concerned. 

Finally, in 2013, Michelle sat up and took notice and realized the truth about politics in Wyoming, and how deeply politics impacts education. Michelle soon discovered the lack of transparency throughout various state and local agencies, and knew that simply being aware of all of this just wasn’t enough.  She needed to do something about it.  Armed with her knowledge of how differently children learn and develop abilities, and a thirst for knowledge, she set out to learn what she could about the Common Core Standards that had potential to encroach upon her homeschooling freedoms.

Michelle found inspiration in this powerful quote of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

She firmly believes that educational freedom is worth defending and with the help of the great people of Wyoming will continue to defend those freedoms.