A Tale of Two Videos

On Friday, September 27th, 2013 the Wyoming Department of Education put out this propaganda video:

<img class=" wp-image-372 " title="Newly Former AZ Senator Richard Crandall was appointed by Matt Mead to the newly created position of Director of the WDE" alt="" src="http://wyomingfreedomineducation.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/1carandallb Governor Matt Mead appointed AZ Senator Richard Crandall as the new Director of the Wyoming Department of Education, a position that did not exist until August of 2013. Crandall is a huge proponent of Common Core.

The Wyoming Department of  Education  and Governor Matt Mead need to be told “We saw your propaganda video. Nice try, but I don’t buy it.”

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On, September 19th, 2013, , posted a video of a teacher,  Sheree Winterfeld, from Errol Hassell Elementary School in Beaverton, OR admitting that Common Core is indeed globalized education, (a far cry from being “State Led”)


“So our kids are facing … this is a real new living we are definitely Global.  So I’ve got a … and I need three volunteers and this activity will hopefully help cement the reason why I as a educator [sic] am embracing Common Core and for students … can I have three really brave volunteers?  Come on.  Can I have three?  How much do I have left?”

“So hopefully this will demonstrate what Common Core will do … <inaudible> …”

“So I’m gonna ask our first volunteer to … would you go ahead and just clap …”


This tale of two videos, the first pure propaganda, the second of a teacher that innocently let the cat out of the bag about the truth about Common Core.  The first video was designed to make you, the concerned parent, grandparent, tax payer, voter, second guess your doubts and concerns about Common Core.  The second video captured a moment, a moment a teacher admitted that Common Core is the beginning of globalized education, a moment when the teacher gave such an outlandish example of  teaching methods under Common Core that left audience members dumber when they left than when they came in.

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